20140918_160938Originally from Scotland, I have been living in or around London since 1998.

I’ve been involved in radio broadcasting in one shape or another since I studied music production in Newcastle or when I moved to Edinburgh and got involved in radio presenting and production.

I started getting involved in student radio with my first station called ETC-FM (Edinburgh’s Telford College) where I was the breakfast show presenter and studio manager. During one of their monthly FM broadcasts I was also the Head of News at Edinburgh University’s Fresh Air FM.

After moving to London to continue my studies in 1998 I was a presenter, producer and eventual station manager of West London University’s Tube Radio (now Blast). Our studios were based in Ealing Film studios and I was witness to many recordings and filmings.

Whist at Uni I also did work experience for BBC 5 Live; BBC Light Entertainment and worked as a runner/assistant/broadcast assistant at LBC 97.3 with John Nicholson (now MSP) and Jane Moore (Sun columnist). I also worked for a couple of years as an Editor at TrafficLink; who provided bespoke traffic, travel and news bulletins to BBC and commercial station in London and the Home Counties.

In 2002 I became a producer and presenter on the UK’s first gay radio station called Purple Radio, before working on local stations Link FM in London/Essex in 2010 and 106.9 SFM in Kent which I joined in 2012.

At the moment I’m a Civil Servant and radio broadcaster on 106.9 SFM in Sittingbourne Kent. Radio, politics and history are the topics which I tend to indulge myself with and should we be down the pub, the topics that I can build idle chat about.

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