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Under Pressure (A-Capella) – Only Vocals

David Bowie colour

One day in 1981 Bowie reunited with Queen in a recording studio in Switzerland, with the intention of doing vocals for the song “Cool Cat” .

David got bored and suggested writing a new song from scratch. According to Mark Blake, author of a biography of Freddie Mercury, they began a 24 hours marathon of wine and cocaine and ended up with this musical gem. This is incredible! Back in the day when auto-tune wasn’t needed. You’d never hear this from most ‘singers’ these days.


Workin’ In A Cocktail Bar (Video Version)

Cocktail 80s

Someone came up with the great idea of re-editing The Human League’s 1981 classic – Don’t You Want Me.

In their version – she was working in a cocktail bar. Working a cocktail bar. She was working a cocktail, a cocktail bar…