Monday Matters: Best of 2015 Music


On tonight’s Monday Matters I will play all the best of the new music that we played in 2015.  A list of the songs that I’m going to play below.

Hour 1:  7pm to 8pm –

Florence + The Machine – Ship To Wreck
Shields – Mazzanine
Giorgio Moroder ft. Britney Spears – Tom’s Diner
Peace – Money
Sue Ellen – Everybody Wants To Rule The World
White Sea – Never A Woman
Firewood Island – Owl Song
Xavier Rudd – Follow The Sun
Architecture In Helsinki – Escapee
Generationals – Black Lemons
Major Lazer Ft MØ – Lean On
Andy Shauf – Hometown Hero
EL VY – Paul Is Alive
Calamity Horse – March Lane

Hour 2:  8pm to 9pm

Eddie Murphy – Oh Jah Jah
Trench City – Train Island
Alyssa Brilla – Immigrant
Chemical Brothers – Go
Dan Clews – Edge Of The World
Quantic ft. Alice Russell – Magdalena
Alain Chamfort – Manureva
Beirut – No No No
Milky Chance – Stolen Dance
Dee D. Jackson – Automatic Lover
Mark Ronson ft. Boy George – Somebody to Love Me
John Garrison – I leave On Friday

Hour 3:  9pm to 10pm

Agnes Obel – Aventine
Rod McKuen – Three Songs For “S”
Carla Bruni – Dès Que Le Vent Soufflera
Racoon – Took A Hit
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Round and Round
COMPNY – Lovers
Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum
Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime
The Avener – Fade Out Lines
BØRNS – Dug My Heart
Broods – Pretty Thing
Foxes – Beauty Queen
Royksopp – The Girl And The Robot
Raury Ft. Tom Morello – Friends
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Multi-Love

Oscar Pistorius: The Life & Trial of A Murderer

pistorius-pistol- murder

Oscar Pistorius is a murderer. He brutally shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, most probably after an argument, on the morning of valentines day 2013.  Later that day, Reeva had been due to speak to young girls at Sandton High School in Johannesburg, about respect from men and avoiding bad choices in relationships with partners.  Oscar not only put a stop to her talk – but to the rest of her life.


The image that the media proliferated and profiteered from was that Oscar was a wholesome good looking hero, a person who’d battled against the odds, succeeded with a disability and who could inspire a younger generation.  He made and sold column inches.

The truth was to become much murkier and complicated as the interview I did with author and blogger Lisa Wilson shows – Oscar, in my own words was “a nasty piece of work” and Lisa told me how he didn’t just compete his way to the top – he bullied and used his families wealth and influence to secure a place in the olympics and to ultimately pay for top legal representation – following his cold bloodied murder.  And  even now -with his bail set at 10,000 rand (or $700/ £450) – and him able to spend time at home as a convicted murderer – it seems to continue to work.

When Oscar was in the court room giving his evidence – most of it lies – I often wondered what his family heard – and why that differed so much from what I and the rest of the world heard?  (Apart from the odd crackpots who shamelessly spout his innocents)! Did Oscar’s family argue over whether to support what they must have known was the truth (he murdered Teeva) or was the honour of the family name just too important? I guess we’ll never know.

When Pistorius took to the witness stand – all I heard were the whimpering lies of a murderer – desperately trying to save his career – inconvenienced by his current predicament – wanting nothing more than to get away with his murder and get back to his celebrity lifestyle.

I often ask myself why didn’t his family find the humanity to say to him ‘Hey Oscar, quit with the lies – just tell the truth and let be done.  Reeva deserves the truth’.  But they didn’t. They supported his story and continue to push the lie that it was all an accident  – and that Oscar believed he was protecting his girlfriend with the unforgivable sentence ‘When Reeva went to bed that night she felt loved’.  What an abominable insult to Reeva and her family.

And that is one of the things that disturbs me about this family.  There was no humanity shown towards Reeva nor the Steenkamps.  I guess the family that surrounds Pistorius are tied to his success – you can imagine that as Oscar’s stature rose – so did theirs.  His adulation – became theirs- to share with friends and acquaintances, who also wanted a piece of the pie.

When Oscar pulled the trigger and aborted the ‘mission’ – they found themselves shackled to a narrative not of success & heroism – but of a angry, spiteful young man who put himself above others and treated women like  accessories – to own and discard at his whom.

One imagines – after all the highs – they didn’t want to face the lows – even if that meant denying facts, and perpetuating a lie.  They allowed themselves to become victims.

Unfortunately the latter also meant trampling all over the life and memory of someone else.  Oscar’s family couldn’t bring themselves to believe that their status within their social network, South Africa and the world beyond – was as bloodied as the toilet where Oscar ended Reeva’s life.

Oscar and his wealthy family have been pivitol to his success and his failure as a human.  The failure that lead him to become a murderer – who is currently on bail and out of jail – which shows what money and influence can do.  Had he been unknown, without the wealth – or another colour – he’d be banged up right now – contemplating his actions.

Lisa Wilson has co-authored many books about Oscar Pistorius- including her latest booked which she co-wrote with Nick van der Leek called THE APPEAL: Oscar Pistorius – which she wrote with the freelance journalist and author Nick van der Leek.

Xmas Breakfast Show 2015


On the final Saturday Breakfast show of 2015 our TRANQUIL TIME poem is Spellbound by Emily Bronte and is read by Gill Fraser Lee.

After 8am the battle for the Official Christmas Number 1 remains incredibly close, as the NHS Choir continues to chase Justin Bieber for this year’s festive crown. The NHS Choir is trying to get their charity song A Bridge Over You to number one this Xmas & one of their singers Caroline Smith joins Jason for a chat at 0810.

STAR WARS: Force Awakens is out in the cinemas this week and MC Jezza Fellows went to a midnight screening – he’ll give us his talk of the town around 08:40am.

The team play a game of SECRET SANTA – where they have to guess which actor is playing Santa from some film clips Jason will play.

It’s a special edition of Pick Of The Christmas Number one Pops where the years include: 1962, 1972, 1982, 1992. And also in the final hour – James Waters & Newsy Jan play a Xmas edition of Bits & Pieces – how many Xmas songs can you guess?

The Quiz of 2015

Jason McCrossan presents his quiz of 2015.  Jason is the quiz master and is joined by Kyra Cross, Roy Herbert and eventually by Stu James.  All the questions relate to things that happened in the year of MMXV.

Monday Matters 14 December 2015 Oscar Pistorius & Bonnie Britain

MM reeva-steenkamp

As we creep closer to Christmas – Jason presents the Not Quite Christmas Show where every song that we play was in the charts on the 25th of December of the given release date.

Tonight after 9pm Jason talks to the author and blogger Lisa Wilson about the life and trial of a man who was at complete odds with his public image – Oscar Pistorius. Find out how Oscar shouldn’t of been at the Olympics at all – but he bullied his way on to the ticket.  Lisa met the family of Reeva Steenkamp and discusses the continuation of the work that Reeva was embarking by her mother June.

After 8pm it’s Jason’s Christmas December Disco – songs that were in the top 20 on the 25th of December and roving Reporter Bonnie Britain files her latest report of 2015 about a MoleculeArt event in London’s South Bank Oxo Tower – where she drank cocktails and sprayed all different types of paint on to canvas as part of an art exhibition.



A Bridge over You for Xmas Number 1!

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 17.22.02

A charity single by The Lewisham And Greenwich NHS Choir which includes doctors, nurses and physios is hoping to make this year’s coveted Christmas number one spot.

The song, “A Bridge over You” features a mashup of the smash hit by Coldplay and Simon and Garfunkel, and is an emotional celebration of the thousands of NHS staff who go the extra mile every day.

Caroline Smith who is an alto voice in the Choir, spoke to Jason McCrossan and Kyra Cross on 106.9 SFM Saturday breakfast show.  Caroline told Jason that as it’s a charity song, all proceeds will be shared between Carers UK and Mind (including Mind’s sister charities in Scotland and Northern Ireland), and in the new year a smaller percentage will also be distributed amongst smaller charities in the New Year.

A number of celebrities have been linked to the charity single and you are encouraged to download the song and tweet or post #loveyournhs – as Jason, Kyra and Jan did!

The song is available from Itunes, Amazon and google.

For more information or support, the NHS 4 Xmas website is here.


POEM: A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan

Dream within

Gill Fraser Lee reads the poem A Dream Within A Dream by Edgar Allan on Jason McCrossan’s breakfast show on 106.9 SFM.


Islamic students disrupt blasphemy & apostasy lecture

maryam-namazie MM
Maryam Namazie – hear the interview 

Well known campaigner Maryam Namazie had been invited to talk at Goldsmiths University on December 3 by the Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society campus group, on speech on blasphemy and apostasy.

However, as she was speaking members of the Goldsmiths University Students Union’s Islamic Society (ISOC), who had already try to ban her from speaking, began to heckle, with one switching off a projector and when looking at the video, it does show hat that Maryam was subjected to intimidation by a group of Islamic men who were set up disruption rather than engagement.

The Islamic students disrupted the speech, entitled ‘Apostasy, blasphemy and free expression in the age of Isis’, because they claimed it “violated their safe space”.


Most surprisingly, Maryam told me how both Goldsmiths LGBT Society and Goldsmiths Feminist society “sent a solidarity message with the Islamists who disrupted my talk, rather than with me, someone who is a women’s rights campaigner, gay rights campaigner – someone who has campaigned for the free expression that these societies are using”.

I couldn’t quite believe what Maryam was telling me however she went on to say “they have labelled me an Islamophobe.  They’ve shown solidarity with Isamic Society brothers who actually have invited speakers in the past who defend the execution of gay people, who defend the execution of apostates and it’s such an irony that they would support them”.  Maryam said that identity politics had removed politics and choices from being debated and all that was left for some people was their identify as a muslim and “therefore anyone who identifies as a muslim is automatically seen to be the oppressed one in this conversation”.

And in further developments, Zak Thomas from Goldsmiths Students’ Union paper The Leopard wrote that “Members of the Islamic Society (ISOC) and the Atheist and Humanist Society (ASH) could face disciplinary action after a row broke out”.  When asked to comment about the investigation into those members of (ASH) – who had tried to restore order Maryam commented “afraid so” on twitter. The Leopard went on to quote Goldsmiths SU and said that the “SU will arrange a meeting between both societies specifically to identify how the incident should be dealt with”.

Listen: Maryam speaks to Jason



Oscar behind bars

This particular Monday Matters marks the last of ‘usual’ programming we will do until 2016!!  Although I WON’T be playing ANY CHRISTMAS MUSIC TONIGHT! (well apart from beds & jingles!) -although the songs I will play ARE linked to Christmas.

Tonight I’m playing – Non-Christmas – Christmas music!!

All the songs I’m going to play were in the UK Top 20 on the 25th of December on their year of release!  So, they may bring back memories of Christmas – but they were not Christmas songs!  There are some crackers as well – who remembers…..The Barron Knights;  Jellybean Ft Elisa Fiorllo; a cracker of a song by Chicken Shed?; Kate Bush’s – Rocket Man?; Godley & Creme?  There are loads of great songs that were in the charts on 25th December – but that YOU WON’T hear on a loop in Asda, Tesco’s or Morrisons!!!

Also, instead of our featured artist -I bring you: Jason’s Christmas December Disco  – where I play 4 1970s disco songs that were also in the top 20 charts on 25th December – including: Billy Ocean, Rose Royce, Donna Summer & MJ….

AND Let us not forget – The premiere of the latest Star Wars movie The Force Awakens, takes place in Los Angeles later.  There will be a Star Wars – NOT IN THE NEWS…special between 7pm and 8pm.


After Jason’s Christmas December Disco; Kyra brings us this weeks music news (the last of 2015) and then our Roving Reporter Bonnie Britain files her latest report about a MoleculeArt event in London’s South Bank Oxo Tower – where she drank cocktails and sprayed all different types of paint on to canvas as part of an art exhibition.

In the final hour it’s my last interview of 2015 – which is with the author, blogger and writer Lisa Wilson (aka Juror13).  Lisa has blogged from various trials and writes her articles from the perspective of a juror.
Tonight we discuss the life and trial of Oscar Pistorius and how he shouldn’t of been at the Olympics at all – but he bullied his way on to the ticket.  Lisa has met the family of Reeva Steenkamp and will discuss the continuation of the work that Reeva was embarking by her mother June.  The foundation seeks to help and protect women from violent men or relationships.  Oscar Pistorius – the man he really is – is after 9pm (GMT).

You can tune in via the Tunein Radio App

Or by visiting the 106.9 SFM Website

A Very Tory Christmas


I love this picture of Prime Minister David Cameron – it really works on so many levels – in that – he could actually play this part in cartoon form!!!

The picture appeared in the Herald Scotland – under the headline “A very Tory Christmas: welfare rules leaving vulnerable families destitute over holidays” – so not a great story -but I do like the artistic impression this gives off.