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council tax band scam website

Swale borough council ran a warning today about a lady who paid £60 to check and possibly appeal against her tax banding. It just goes to show that some companies will try anything to get your money into their greasy pockets.

The local resident who was cold-called persuaded her to pay £60 to appeal her council tax banding with the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), in the belief that she would see her council tax bill lowered.

REMEMBER: there is no need to pay anyone to check your banding – or appeal it if you think it is wrong – you can do it yourself for free.

Whilst some people may successfully appeal, most properties are in the correct band. Paying someone to check and appeal can be a waste of money, when you can do it yourself with no charge.

Information on checking and appealing your council tax band is available from the VOA at