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Free Guide to Internet Security published

internet-security-identity-theft-prevention.jpgAs the debate about Apple’s stance on encryption and privacy continues, many people are left wondering how they can do more to protect their data and communication from being viewed by governments, law enforcement agencies and other public organisations. Apple is currently locked in a long running and increasingly high profile feud with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over access to information contained on a mobile phone.

imgresThere are understandably polarized views on whether or not such personal information should be accessible by the authorities, but for those keen to retain their privacy away from prying eyes, there are ways and means of doing more to secure their online identity and Internet activity. BestVPN has produced The Ultimate Privacy Guide that provides advice and guidance for those preferring greater privacy.

“Apple’s refusal to bow to the FBI’s demands to unlock an encrypted phone has heightened awareness of the privacy debate and many people just don’t know where they stand on the matter, if indeed they are aware at all of the issues involved,” says Peter Zaborszky, founder of BestVPN. “Over recent weeks we have seen increased interest from individuals who are concerned about their personal privacy and have decided to use a Virtual Private Network.”
Wormhole-viruses.jpgA Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers individuals an effective means of protecting a person’s identity when online. Essentially a VPN is a server somewhere that an individual can connect to and route their Internet usage through. This not only hides a person’s identity, but also makes it appear as though they are in the country where the server is situated.

“VPNs were originally servers inside companies that employees could connect to so they could easily work from home,” explains Zaborszky.

“Now, they are more commonly used as an effective way to protect your identity online, which has become especially important in recent times amid snooping revelations and the potential for surveillance laws to be relaxed.”


In the UK this week, the Investigatory Powers Bill (or ‘Snoopers Charter’ as it is often colloquially referred to) was passed in Parliament and allows the government and other authorities, such as the police, to view users web browsing histories and hack mobile phones. As with the Apple versus FBI battle, the Bill has polarized opinions and has come under intense criticism from some quarters for being both unclear and over the top.

The BestVPN Ultimate Privacy Guide is free to view on the BestVPN website where other useful information about privacy and keeping safe online can also be found in its news section.

apple product announcement and reviews Sept. 2015

Apple Logo

Apple announced an augmentation of their products, including a new pencil and raft of new features and functions at their event this week in San Francisco.  The event, which is held every year, always seem to have a varying amount of favourable coverage and success.  The main problem for Apple is that since the launch of suite of innovative products like the iPod in 2001, followed by the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010- the amount of self publicity that these innovative product launches created – means that these events never quite live up to what Apple people want.   The next future technology device.  Upgrades, new designs, stretches, add-ons, fancy features – although welcome, always fall short of what that people want.  Apple to lead.

What you can’t argue against is Apple is a lead marketer and promotional entity.  However, the question of whether it is a market leader in terms of it’s technology- as many Microsoft people like to point out – Apple is often seen as catching up where others have lead.  It is commendable that Apple customers hold the company in such high esteem  – but it is a curse that they have to deal with.

Apple CEO Tim Cook likes it big.

The new super sized iPad Pro, which has a screen size of 12.9 inches and a battery life of around 10 hours.  It measures 12 by 8.68 by 0.27 inches (HWD) and weighs 1.57 pounds.  You also get an 8-megapixel camera on the back with a front-facing camera with only 1.2 megapixel.  One new addition to the Pro: four speakers on each side.  The display features a 2,732-by-2,048 Retina display that which contains 5.6 million pixels. Under the hood you’ll find a new A9X chip, Apples 3rd generation 64-bit chip which should make it much fast than all that have gone before.

New iPad Pro

Independent iPad Review

Apple’s New Pencil

Apple Pencil

The apple iPad has a new Pencil specifically designed for those creative types and for technical drawing.  It is pressure sensitive. Press lightly, and the stroke gets thinner. Tilt the pencil, and the stroke gets thicker.

Independant Pencil Review

Apple New Smart Keyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple also announced a portable keyboard specifically designed for iPad Pro. It has a smart connector for transferring power and data. Coated in a water‑ and stain‑resistant finish. 3.2mm thick.

Independent Smart Keyboard Review

New iPhone 6S

iphone 6s

As was expected, the iPhone 6s was released with new hardware, technological advances and features.  The screen size is the same – although they are a little thicker – but this time they introduced a new ‘rose gold’ colour.

New features include “3D Touch” technology which lets you apply different pressure to the screen to provide different options, such as their new sub-menu or “peeking” at a photo or web page.

Independent iPhone 6S review

New Apple TV


The company’s latest set-top box, has received a major upgrade including a revised physical design, faster internals, updated remote, and key new features including a built-in App Store.  It will be fully integrated with Siri, the voice-controlled personal assistant of the iPhone. It comes with a touch sensitive remote that is used to select programmes, and is motion sensitive for use in gaming.  The Apple TV goes on sale in October.

Independent Apple TV Review

123456 – how safe is your password?


A list of the top 25 passwords have been revealed by the website Gizmodo.

The information comes from SplashData who complies an annual list of millions of stolen passwords made public throughout the year and assembles them in order of popularity.

How safe do you think your password is?  Does it feature in this list?

1. 123456 (Unchanged)

2. password (Unchanged)

3. 12345 (Up 17)

4. 12345678 (Down 1)

5. qwerty (Down 1)

6. 123456789 (Unchanged)

7. 1234 (Up 9)

8. baseball (New)

9. dragon (New)

10. football (New)

11. 1234567 (Down 4)

12. monkey (Up 5)

13. letmein (Up 1)

14. abc123 (Down 9)

15. 111111 (Down 8)

16.mustang (New)

17. access (New)

18. shadow (Unchanged)

19. master (New)

20. michael (New)

21. superman (New)

22. 696969 (New)

23. 123123 (Down 12)

24. batman (New)

25. trustno1 (Down 1)

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park

Apple announced its Mac OSX software is to have a radical design overhaul, bringing its desktop and smartphone software closer together, and introducing a new feature called “Continuity” that lets users easily switch between the two.

I used to get excited at the thought of these conference – but year after, after year – rather than having my socks knocked off by the awe-inspiring wonder of looking into the future…I’ve always felt a little short changes.  Seeing those at the conference clap and whoop every 20 seconds – I’m sure they do the same when someone shouts lunch!  Apple probably think – “yeah we nailed another great conference” – which is fine if you are in a zoo playing to clapping seals…just don’t expect everyone outside the zoo to have the same zeal.

Apple will introduce:

  • HealthKit and Health app – letting fitness/health devices communicate to a centralised, privacy-respecting app on the iPhone which shares data between them as you allow
  • HomeKit – coordinating smart home systems
  • “Extensibility” for iOS 8 – so that apps can communicate with each other, and pass data between each other natively
  • Third-party keyboards are now allowed – though they won’t be able to connect to the network (to send usage data) unless you specifically allow them


boys and their toys – awesome flight simulator

I neither have the skill, time nor dedication to build something like this – however, Richard Hutchinson’s ambition and achievement is admirable.

I read that he’d spent £10,000 converting his spare room into a replica cockpit.

The World’s Most Viewed Photo

From twitter account 

Bliss was the name of the default computer wallpaper of Windows XP.  The photograph was made on June 24, 1996 for the digital-design company HighTurn by Charles O’Rear, a former National Geographic photographer.

According to O’Rear, the image was not digitally enhanced or manipulated in any way.  The image was captured from the side of the highway 12/121 with a hand held medium-format camera. The approximate location is 3101 Fremont Drive  (Sonoma High Way), Sonoma, California.

3101 Fremont Dr. (Sonoma Hwy.), Sonoma, CA
3101 Fremont Dr. (Sonoma Hwy.), Sonoma, CA



The same location in November, 2006, showing vines covering the hillside and foreground.
The same location in November, 2006, showing vines covering the hillside and foreground.

Iphone 6 leak lie…lol


Excited about pictures of the new iphone 6?  Well according to a number of sources listed below and as detailed here – the “exclusive” leaked pictures that got the cyber geeks….leaking, are in fact fakes.

But did we really think Apple would be so sloppy at this stage of the design process?  It would probably be easier to shake the hand of Steve Jobs than it would be to smuggle out pictures of the new iphone 6….assuming they call it that. They could go rouge like they did with their IOS Mavericks release and called it – the iphone Indefinite

So, come on twitter…let’s get a grip and hold on to our knickers!!! (although I did sooo fall for this myself and tweeted the pictures…ooops!). Lesson learned…till the next time 🙂