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Saturday Breakfast Show 22 august 2015


Saturday Breakfast with Jason McCrossan on 106.9 SFM is broadcast across Sittingbourne and Swale as well as the world on http://www.sfmradio.com.

In the first hour Jason asks “Who’s the Voice”; the 2nd hour the audience guess the word in Blankety Blank and in the 30 hour – it’s music history time with Pick Of The Number One Pops – the songs we play were number one on this day.

Kyra has the latest travel news and updates from the audience and Jan keeps us upto date with the latest news.

Also on today’s show- as it was revealed that Yoko Ono has been tweeting pearls of wisdom – we also ask the audience to text in with theirs.

John Lennon Special

John Lennon famously ordered a white grand piano from Steinway for Yoko's 38th birthday
John Lennon famously ordered a white grand piano from Steinway for Yoko’s 38th birthday

In the final hour of Monday Matters Jason had the John Lennon hour – which included music as well as an edited 20 minutes of the final interview John ever did with the BBC’s Andy Peebles on 6th December 1980 – two days later he was shot five times by 25 year old Mark Chapman outside the Dakota building in New York City.

Chapman had been stalking Lennon for days and asked for an autograph as Lennon walked through the courtyard. After he signed a piece of paper Chapman fired. Lennon was pronounced dead from a massive loss of blood at 11.30pm.


For more information about Monday Matters: www.sfmradio.com