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Brits name the radio DJ they’d most like to spend a Valentine’s break with


After years of listening to their dulcet tones and charismatic banter, many people start to feel like they really know their favourite radio DJ – in fact, some people even dream of jetting away with them.

And now a list of the top radio DJs Brits would like to go on holiday with for Valentine’s Day has emerged. In a survey of two thousand people run by Holiday Hypermarket, Radio 1 Breakfast Show’s Nick Grimshaw topped the male presenters we’d most like to be abroad with for Valentine’s, while Emma Bunton of Heart Radio was the favourite female. The fight for the top spot was close run thing though with Nick Grimshaw, (13%) narrowly beating Greg James (12%), also of Radio 1. Radio 2’s Chris Evans came third with 12%.

Early bird BBC Radio 4 Today’s Programme presenter John Humphrys received 5% of the vote.


For the ladies, Bunton’s 18% was closely followed by former Radio 1 presenter Fearne Cotton who gained 17.3% of the votes, then Sara Cox (12%), of Radio 2’s Sounds of the 80s fame. Down at the bottom of the rankings, Jenni Murray and Vanessa Feltz didn’t fare so well, with 3.6% of votes each. The male DJs that voters would least like to go away with were Steve Wright (6%), Jeremy Vine (6%) and John Humphrys (5%).

Holiday Hypermarket representative Ian Crawford commented: “This was a close run thing and we didn’t expect for the margins to be so small. It’s clear that with so many great DJs out there we have lots of favourites. The figures for the ladies were a little higher and more unanimous, so well done Emma and Fearne.”

Danny Baker’s – 3 Year Anniversary rant


It’s almost 3 years to the day – since Danny Baker, launched into a two hour tirade against BBC bosses calling them “phonies”, “pinheaded” and “weasels”after learning his popular daytime radio show was going to be cut from the station schedules in the new year.

During his final show he accused the BBC of penny pinching and hoped those who had taken the decision “choked” on their abacus beads.  His last two hours on air was electrifying listening and the shock and anger that came through from Danny’s final broadcast – was only acceptable and excusable because it reflected how a lot of his audience felt and matched the mood of those who regularly tuned into his Treehouse show.  That also included me.  The first time I ever felt compelled to complain to the BBC – was the day I heard they’d chopped him from the day time schedules.


Speaking the following day to BBC Radio London’s Vanessa Feltz,  Editor and slayer in chief David Robey said that he hadn’t spoken to Danny personally about the ending of the show – because that was the job of his agent – but that he had been made aware of a conversation having recently taken place and he knew “Danny wasn’t happy”.  Mr Robey also said that part of the reasoning was that Danny had taken 3 months off at short notice and may possibly had wanted to take off more time.  What Mr Robey failed to say – was that this 3 month break was so that Danny could recover from mouth and throat cancer which could have killed him.

There then followed a phone-in where every single caller (execpt one who seemed more interested in who would take Danny’s place) spoke of their disbelief that Danny was gone with one caller suggesting that David Robey would be better off as a “supermarket manager”.  You can almost hear Mr Robey’s temperature rise as he takes a deep breath in and tries to rise above the slating.

The show is now online for prosperity and you can relive the afternoon of 1st November 2012 by listening below.

Last BBC London radio show: