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The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park

Apple announced its Mac OSX software is to have a radical design overhaul, bringing its desktop and smartphone software closer together, and introducing a new feature called “Continuity” that lets users easily switch between the two.

I used to get excited at the thought of these conference – but year after, after year – rather than having my socks knocked off by the awe-inspiring wonder of looking into the future…I’ve always felt a little short changes.  Seeing those at the conference clap and whoop every 20 seconds – I’m sure they do the same when someone shouts lunch!  Apple probably think – “yeah we nailed another great conference” – which is fine if you are in a zoo playing to clapping seals…just don’t expect everyone outside the zoo to have the same zeal.

Apple will introduce:

  • HealthKit and Health app – letting fitness/health devices communicate to a centralised, privacy-respecting app on the iPhone which shares data between them as you allow
  • HomeKit – coordinating smart home systems
  • “Extensibility” for iOS 8 – so that apps can communicate with each other, and pass data between each other natively
  • Third-party keyboards are now allowed – though they won’t be able to connect to the network (to send usage data) unless you specifically allow them