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TV Themes – Jason’s Top 20 List


I covered Sunday Breakfast today on 106.9 SFM in which I came up with a list of my 20 favourite TV Themes and asked people to guess which of the themes made it onto said list.  The response was very good with a surprising number of people picking off songs from my list – with one chap evening correctly guessing the theme at the top of my list.

So, I love TV themes – always have.  I can sit on the train, as I did just the other day, and just listen to them.  Good themes have been crafted like a painting that means they are instantly enjoyable, always recognisable and forever to be cherished.  There is definitely an art to writing a good theme – and sometimes they are just as memorable as the programme itself.  Or in some cases – because the theme tune was good- people forget that actually – the programme which accompanied it – didn’t quite live up to those opening bars.

Here is my list.  And yes – I could tweak here – shunt there – add or subtract at will – a process which could even out last our sun.  Even as I wrote in this page – I question why I had put some themes above others.  It’s not a science – it’s all personal taste- and as I have discovered my taste changes all the time!

Remember this is about the music – not the quality of the show!

How does it match with a list you’d do?

My Favourite Top 20 TV Themes

Number         Artist                    Title
20                  Joe Scarbury         Believe It Or Not
FROM:          The Greatest American Hero

19                  Ron Grainer            The Prisoner
FROM:          The Prisoner

18                  Alan Hawkshaw      Grange Hill
FROM:          Grange Hill

17                 Tony Hatch              Emmerdale
FROM:          Emmerdale

16                 Johnny Pearson       All Creatures Great And Small
FROM:         All Creatures Great And Small 

15                 Ron Grainer             Tales Of The Unexpected
FROM:         Tales Of The Unexpected

14                 Ron Grainer             Dr. Who
FROM:         Dr. Who

13                 May Osbourne         Howard’s Way
FROM:         Howard’s Way

12                 David Croft               ‘Allo ‘Allo
FROM:         ‘Allo ‘Allo

11                 Stu Phillips                Knight Rider
FROM:         Knight Rider

10                Ian Freebairn-Smith  Magnum P.I
FROM:        Magnum P.I

09                Terry Bush                The Littlest Hobo
FROM:        The Littlest Hobo

08                Dennis Waterman     I Could Be So Good for You
FROM:        Minder

07                Jerrold Immel           Dallas
FROM:        Dallas

06               Denis King                The Adventures ofBlack Beauty
FROM:       The Adventures of Black Beauty

05              Laurie Johnson          The Professionals
FROM:      The Professionals

04              Bill Conti                    Cagney & Lacey
FROM:      Cagney & Lacey

03              Joe Fagin                  Auf Weidersehen Pet (That’s Livin’ Alright)
FROM:      Auf Weidersehen Pet

02              Jim Diamond              Hi Ho Silver
FROM:      Boon

01                                                 Juliet Bravo                           Juliet Bravo

FROM:     Juliet Bravo