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When To Take A Sickie – Reasons to be Uncheerful


A NEW study has found the best excuse to tell your boss when you want a day off is tummy trouble… while a head cold is the worst.

It revealed telling your boss you’ve been vomiting will get you the most amount of sympathy with almost three quarters of respondents saying it’s a valid reason to stay at home. The survey of 2,500 employees and employers named diahorrea as the second most legitimate excuse with 71 per cent saying they wouldn’t want to leave the loo when ill.

reasons to call in sick to work

The research looked at the best and worst excuses for calling in sick according to employers. Surprisingly, workers who said they were stressed and had mental health issues were much less likely to be believed and received less sympathy. Earlier this year, research revealed employers were more likely to accept back pain as an excuse for not going to work than mental health issues.

Only 19 per cent of employees said they would call in sick to say they were stressed and just 17 per cent said they’d stay at home if suffering from mental health problems. The research also found that two-thirds of employers don’t believe stress, anxiety or depression are serious enough reasons for a day off. And when calling in sick to their boss only 39 per cent of employees said they would admit they were suffering from stress, depression or anxiety according to the study.