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POEM: May by Sara Teasdale

Sara Teasdale

Sara Teasdale was born in 1884 and had such poor health for so much of her childhood, she was home schooled until age 9.

Sara’s first poem was published in Reedy’s Mirror, a local newspaper, in 1907. Her first collection of poems, Sonnets to Duse and Other Poems, was published that same year. In 1918 she won a Pulitzer Prize for her 1917 poetry collection Love Songs.

Gill Fraser Lee reads her poem May – broadcast on Jason McCrossan’s breakfast show on 106.9 SFM.

POEM: There will come soft rains by Sara Teasdale

Sara Trevor Teasdale was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1884. She published Sonnets to Duse, and Other Poems, in her first volume of verse, in 1907. Her second collection, Helen of Troy, and Other Poems, followed in 1911, and her third, Rivers to the Sea, in 1915.

Gill Fraser Lee reads her poem There Will Come Soft Rains on Jason McCrossan’s Saturday Breakfast Show on 106.9 SFM www.sfmradio.com