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has your photo been invaded?

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Taking pictures have now become a staple of everyday life – in fact, you can’t accidentally trip over or be involved in some kind of embarrassing fracas anymore – without running the risk that someone will have taken a snap of your unfortunate moment and already posted it online – by the time you’ve had chance to dust yourself off.

The ease with which one can snap anything and everything – does mean that there is an awful lot of white noise out there…everyone, and I mean everyone with a phone and a camera – consider themselves as photographers.  Of course, they have a little help along the way with various photo editing apps – but there are some photographs that not even a change of hue or focus can really make the photo into something of interest.

Step forward Lucas Levitan a London based illustrator who has started a project called ‘photo invasion’.  Lucus takes other people’s snaps and livens them up using cartoon characters.  Some are pure genius.

You can find more fantastic pictures via his website:  www.lucaslevitan.com