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Astronomy and Space update with Mike Culley Nov 2014


Mike Culley is from the Southend Planetarium and chats to Jason about NASA’s Rosetta mission to land on the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet as well as his highlights of 2014 and a look forward to 2015.

Astronomy Update with Mike Culley July 2014

Mike Culley is the Education & Learning Officer at the Southend Museum & lecturer at the Planetarium; the only public Planetarium facility in the south-east of England, outside of London. He regularly speaks to Jason McCrossan on 106.9 SFM about the latest developments in our space and solar system.

Astronomy with Mike Culley

Mike Culley is from the Southend Planetarium and on 31st March, he spoke with Jason McCrossan about the latest happenings in the sky at night. Monday Matters broadcasts on 106.9 SFM every Monday night from 7pm and online at: http://www.sfmradio.com