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In The Psychiatrist’s Chair

Les Dawson in 1975
Les Dawson in 1975

This is such a wonderful series.  In this two part conversation,  Dr Anthony Clare speaks to my all time favourite comedian – the late Les Dawson.  This interview was his last – recorded a week before he died in 1993.  Here he talks with passion and humour  – which makes it hard to believe that he wouldn’t be alive long enough to hear it broadcast.  However, it is fantastic that he lived long enough to do this.  A week later, and time wouldn’t have captured this brief but sincere insight into the thoughts and feelings of a mature man recounting his life story.

A snipped of the conversation is below – where he talks about religion and the after life.

AC : Are you a religious person?

LD: I can embrace Christ but not the church.

AC:  Why is that?

LD:  Because the church is built in homage to a person who never used a church, so I don’t see the point in having great purple colours and ermine robes for a man who was very simple.  I can embrace his edicts but I can’t embrace the church.

AC:  Does that mean that you believe that death isn’t the end?

LD:  Oh no, scientifically death can’t be the end – because nothing dies.  You can’t create nor destroy matter.

AC:  So, what’s going to happen to Les Dawson?

LD:  Cosmic life force – like all of us.  That’s god.  Cosmic life force.

AC:  Will it have a persona?  Will you be around again?

LD:  No I doubt it….no, not necessarily.  One religion that attracts me is Buddhism…to a certain extent.  But, certainly nothing dies in this world.  When you bury someone, for instance, all you bury is an empty skin…a discarded lump.  I think we all create an aurora around us.  Energy is matter and you can’t destroy matter – so somewhere along the line – it carries on.

Dr. Anthony Clare speaks to Les Dawson Part 1


Dr. Anthony Clare speaks to Les Dawson Part 2