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Holey Moly!


So, the saga of the saggy middle motorway which lead to a rather aggressive 15ft hole opening up just near Sittingbourne on the M2 continues.

Geotechnical (a bloke looking down the hole thoughtfully) investigations are ongoing to discover what caused it to develop. Lucky it couldn’t have happened in a better spot as a few yards either side and it might also have swallowed up some poor driver with their car – and we can but guess that outcome!

Traffic is still slow and will be for the next few days whilst the men and women in their high-vis jackets – scratch their heads, point a lot and take great satisfaction in the fact that they are deemed important enough to peer inside, whilst the rest of the bourgeoisie  can do nothing more than admire the pictures 😦


What exactly causes a sink hole?

I had absolutely no idea, then I found this graphic has helped to demystify this phenomenon somewhat!


Sinkholes are part of the slow, natural process of erosion in limestone terrain that occur over thousands of years. These common geologic phenomena generally occur where the limestone is within a few hundred feet of the land’s surface

Source:  Inspiring Tech  blog

That said – there have been bigger sink holes…none of which I’d want to be living near when they open!!

Sinkhole in Guatemala
A different view of sinkhole in Guatemala
Police Car Swallowed in Texas
Sinkhole in house
Eeek! Someone actually disappeared down that hole!
What a glorious hole…the Great Blue Hole near Ambergris Caye, Belize.

Monday Matters 3rd February

Jessica Zhu
Jessica Zhu

On this programme Jason speaks to musician and Chinese-American pianist Jessica Zhu. Jessica made her orchestral debut in 2006 at the University of Houston, when she played Prokofiev Piano Concerto No. 3 with the Houston Symphony. She’s since performed with many orchestras in America. In 2009 Jessica was awarded the highly coveted Marshall Scholarship with which she completed a Masters programme with distinction at the the Guildhall School of Music & Dramas.

Also on the show, the featured group is The Kinks as we say happy birthday to Dave Davies, guitarist and founding member who celebrated his 67th birthday today.

Also,  Kyra brings us her all round geeky knowledge, the gig guide and latest music news.

We feature music from: Blondie, Crystal Fighters, Buddy Holly, Sara Bareilles, Empire Of The Sun, Trench City, Fickle Friends, The Waifs and Tori Amos.

And we give The Last Word to American actor Philip Seymour Hoffman who died on 2nd February 2014.  Philip had won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the 2005 biographical film Capote, was nominated three times for Best Supporting Actor, and received three Tony Award nominations for his work in theatre.

For more information about Jessica Zhu you can visit her website http://www.jessicazhu.com/

My chat with Giles Brandreth

Gyles's show is called "In Search Of Happiness
Gyles’s show is called “In Search Of Happiness”

I’ve always been a fan of Mr Brandreth.  Well, ok, in the 1990s I thought of him as a bit of a buffoon – but then, didn’t everyone? However, he has redeem himself in spades through his brilliant novels and wonderful contributions to Just A Minute.

So, I was very happy when he agreed to chat with me – even it it was for 15 minutes.  If you like Gyles, just know that he is performing up and down the country on his one man show “In Search for Happiness” – and I can only imagine it is nothing short of fabulous…just like Gyles.

On Saturday Breakfast on 15th February I will be giving away a pair of tickets to his show taking place the same evening.  Listen to http://www.sfmradio.com to win.