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Monday Matters with The Feeling 07 March 2016


Monday Matters with Jason McCrossan is broadcast on 106.9 SFM in Kent.

On the show tonight: Our featured artist tonight is Gary Numan who produced commercial electronic music and had hits with “Cars” and “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”. He is 58 this week.

In the music Kyra brings news about John Lennon, Massive Attack and music from Years & Years.

Also, we hear of a new virus directly targeting Apple computers – which locks users out of their files until they pay a ransom – 1 bitcoin (£200).

We sent Reporter Bonnie Britain onto the wet and windy streets of London where she bumped into Dan from the band The Feeling – who invited her into his home to discuss music, and the band’s new album which was released on FRIDAY – called The Feeling.

John Lennon – Imagine…35 years on



35 years ago today John Lennon was assassinated while walking into his home at the Dakota building in New York City. 12 years later Mark Chapman gave this creepy interview to Larry King.

radio show with dexys midnight runners & policewoman sophie a matthews


Monday Matters with Jason McCrossan is broadcast on 106.9 SFM.

On the show tonight: Jason speaks to former police officer Sophie A Matthews – who has written a book about her life in the Met.

In our Night-Time Report – Chief executives of the UK’s top 100 FTSE companies earned 183 times the salaries of the average full-time worker last year, a new study has revealed. We have a report on this after 8.

Our featured group tonight is Dexys Midnight Runners. who had several hits in the early 1980s, with songs such as “Geno” and “Come On Eileen”. Singer Kevin Rowland celebrates his birthday in this week.

Kyra brings us the latest music news & in the final hour John Lennon the singer and songwriter who rose to worldwide fame as a co-founder of the band the Beatles – is our tribute as we play music and interviews from his life.

John Lennon Special

John Lennon famously ordered a white grand piano from Steinway for Yoko's 38th birthday
John Lennon famously ordered a white grand piano from Steinway for Yoko’s 38th birthday

In the final hour of Monday Matters Jason had the John Lennon hour – which included music as well as an edited 20 minutes of the final interview John ever did with the BBC’s Andy Peebles on 6th December 1980 – two days later he was shot five times by 25 year old Mark Chapman outside the Dakota building in New York City.

Chapman had been stalking Lennon for days and asked for an autograph as Lennon walked through the courtyard. After he signed a piece of paper Chapman fired. Lennon was pronounced dead from a massive loss of blood at 11.30pm.


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