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Will Snowden be Trumps ‘Bin Landen’ scalp?


We are just hours away from President-Elect Donald Trump taking the oath of office and becoming officially the 45th President of the United States.

I can only imagine how Ed Snowden is feeling right now.  There must have been a part of him which was hope for a Presidential pardon from the outgoing President Obama – alas, it wasn’t to come.  And so what now for America’s highest profile whistleblower and exile who has just been given leave to remain in Russia for another three years?

Well, like most things Russian – there is no such thing as a guarantee and if I were Snowden I’d be very very nervous right now.  The Russian’s will have obtained everything they need or wanted from Snowden and in fact, his presence there was merely Putin sticking a pin in the side of Obama.

If we enter into a thawing of USA/Russian relations, an easy win for Trump would be getting Snowden back to face the music for releasing millions of confidential documents.

Snowden has tweeted that he would rather be “without a state than without a voice” – soon, he may find himself in Russian state custody – whilst awaiting extradition back to the United States – facing the rest of his life in prison and finally losing the voice he cherishes so much.

In 2016 I spoke to the author James Bamford who has met and interviewed Ed.


Edward Snowden face to face with James Bamford

James Bamford Edward Snowden

When American Edward Snowden released thousands of pages of highly classified government documents in 2013 – he also released the full fury of the American government and in varying degrees the American people.

Edward fled and ended up in Russia. James Bamford, author, journalist, and former Navy intelligence analyst is one of the few who have met Edward face to face and talks about that encounter and the theory that Ed Snowden is NOT the only NSA leaker.

Monday Matters: James Bamford meets Edward Snowden

James Bamford Edward Snowden

On Monday Matters tonight after 9pm Jason Mccrossan will speak to the best selling author and journalist James Bamford – who flew to Moscow last year to interview former National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden who leaked thousands of top secret documents to newspaper groups in America and the UK.

Our featured artist is Paul Simon – however, we did him last year so have opened it up to you to suggest who you’d like to hear four songs from – in the running is The Carpenters (Kyra’s choice); War of the Worlds (Jason’s choice) – and Chris DeBurgh if no-one comes up with anything better.

After 8pm in our Night-Time News report – Psychologist Jo Hemmings – talks to about a survey by the internet provider Plusnet on the time of the week when we feel unhappiest.

Kyra has this weeks music news including news about Lulu’s 2016 tour, Ed Sheeran and Kanye West’s appearance on USA X-Factor.

After 9pm we have another Downton Abbey update with MC Jezza Fellows.