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The Sound of Music at 50

sound of music 50th anniversary

The Sound of Music has a special place in the hearts of so many people.  As a child it was the first film I fell in love with and have vague memories of running round to my old neighbours house to ask for her copy of the film.  I can’t say how often I would go to Netty’s and ask her – but I can still remember the smoke filled house, the pinny she used to wear and the yellow teeth.  I seem to remember thick thighs (my age and size meant I was knee high) but that maybe more to do with Les Dawnson’s characterisation than that of reality.

To mark 50 years – ABC’s Diane Sawyer recorded a special programme that went behind the scenes and is interesting in that it takes Dame Julie Andrews back to Salzburg.  The stories – you’ve probably heard before, but it is a nice programme all the same.

And in another programme Dame Julie Andrews sits down with entertainment editor David Onda to discuss the most difficult scenes to film for her 1965 musical classic.