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Learn How To Be A Fabulous Flirt


We’ve all been there – an alarmingly attractive individual walks toward us in the street, you can see them giving you a look and you think, ‘Well, hello there!’. You feel a momentary flutter in your stomach as you anticipate a conversation and them asking for your number. And then the cold wind that follows in their wake hits you as they just keep on walking…

Were you reading the signals wrong? If not, what happened? Should you have gone up to him/her? But what on earth would you have said? Confusion reigns.


Flirting expert, Jean Smith is hosting Fearless Flirting Tours of London. She will teach you how to flirt, and to approach anyone you want without fear, by arming you with top tips and techniques and a whole new way to view this flirting business.

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Jean will join me on my 106.9 SFM Saturday breakfast show on 6th February 2016 at 08:10 so we can learn how to be a fabulous flirt!

Flirting tours run monthly in London. The next tour date is 11th Feb at 5:30pm and 7:45pm.

Tours begin at the National Portrait Gallery and cost £39.

For more information you can visit the website: flirtology.co.uk

BRITAIN the Road Rage Capital


BRITAIN is the world capital of road rage, a global survey has revealed.

We came top of the league for aggression on the roads, outstripping countries traditionally seen as having hot- headed drivers such in Italy.

The survey of 20 countries said 76% of British drivers have experienced aggressive gestures on the roads.  It found that 53% have been the target of verbal aggression and 73% have found their path blocked on the road by an angry driver.


In contrast the politest country is Turkey where the figures were 23%, 15% and 13% respectively.

Britain’s closest rivals were France on 73 per cent, 44 per cent and 42 per cent, the Czech Republic on 70 per cent, 40 per cent and 72 per cent, and Germany on 43 per cent, 47 per cent and 62 per cent.

India, whose drivers are often portrayed as aggressive, scored just 52 per cent, 44 per cent and
59 per cent.

And Italy was on 48 per cent, 37 per cent and 44 per cent.

The survey ranged from Australia to America which was only in the middle of the table.

The survey also found that British motorists are guilty of “distracted driving” with large numbers eating and making phone calls while at the wheel.

Over the weekend an AA survey found that three-quarters of British motorists think other drivers are not considerate enough.

The poll showed that the vast majority of us think motorists are always in a hurry.

The road safety charity Brake said we’re a nation of “selfish” drivers picking up fixed penalties at the rate of one a minute.

And children are among those paying the price, with two in 5 primary school children saying they have been hit by a vehicle or had a near miss while cycling or on foot.

Encounters of an Alien Kind – Nick Pope talks UFO’s and Aliens

Alien Encounter

Nick Pope used to run the British government’s UFO project at the Ministry of Defence. It was while working on the MoD’s UFO project Nick also looked into alien abductions, crop circles, animal mutilations, remote viewing and ghosts. He is now recognised as a leading authority on UFOs, the unexplained and conspiracy theories.

In 2007 the MoD released its entire archive of UFO files and Nick was given access to the files. He spoke to Jason about these files as well as the Encounter in Rendlesham Forest – all as he took part in the Conscious Life Expo event Los Angeles.

You can find out more about Nick Pope from his website www.nickpope.net

The Cheaters Charter


I hate to bash Europe and it’s Court.  I’m not one of those who bemoan the fact that they try to make our banana’s straight or rename our sausages as “emulsified high-fat offal tube”.

I should say – none of the examples above are true – they are just “euromyths” as set out in this BBC article.

However, one thing which has really concerned me lately is that the European court has backed the “right to be forgotten” and said Google must delete “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant” data from its results when a member of the public requests it.

So far, most of the requests to delete data are from bankrupts, criminals and those with unsavoury things to hide.  How apt that this ruling should come from Europe – where their definition of privacy – varies greatly from what we in Britain regard as “private”.

You just need to look at France – where the actress linked to French President Francois Hollande, Julie Gayet, is suing the magazine that published photos of their alleged affair; as reported in many outlets including the BBC website.  She is suing for breach of privacy – even though the facts are true.

And then today, I read an article from the BBC’s economics editor Robert Peston about a blog he wrote in 2007 which has been deleted by google because “in my blog, only one individual is named. He is Stan O’Neal, the former boss of the investment bank Merrill Lynch.

My column describes how O’Neal was forced out of Merrill after the investment bank suffered colossal losses on reckless investments it had made.”

You can read the full article here.

The original blog featuring Stan O’Neal is here.

This is just a charter for those who have skeletons in their closet – to not only close the door- but lock away the evidence and throw away the key.  Hardly a modern democracy!


Bill Gyles IS the weatherman!

Former Weatherman Bill Gyles’s (OBE) broadcasting career began in 1972 when he transferred to the London Weather Centre to become part of the team forecasting for BBC Radio moving to television forecasting in 1975. Here he talks to Jason McCrossan about the recent spate of bad weather that has hit Britain.

Accused of genocide? Better get here quick….


We have a peculiar set up in 21st century Britain whereby If I was to say or write something derogatory about someone in another country – if they were to protest and take me to court – chances are I’d be hauled in front of a Judge to defend my words.  It seems, however, if someone abroad commits horrendous acts of slaughter, rape or genocide and then flees to our country, our Government is rendered incapacitated to extradite them back to their country of origin by our Courts – in case to do so leads to their torture or death.

And so, they flood here, knowing that our strong humanist beliefs will shelter them from their past indiscretions and enable them, sometimes people who have killed many, to share the same bus or restaurant as our unsuspecting non-murderous citizens who’d be affronted if they knew the true unpleasant history of the person(s) that shares their space.

We wonder why our country has such a bad reputation the further East one sails – we are seen to espouse standards and export morals that we ourselves do not abide by.  If you live in Africa, Iran, Afghanistan or Iraq and know, or even simply suspect, that a man who’d killed, tortured and maimed many people – including some of your own relatives, was walking free and protected by England and English law you’d be sick to your stomach.  You’d wonder at the double standards that doesn’t allow this man who’d brutalised your friends, neighbours, your children to be brought back to your country and account for the crimes committed.

And they are right.  We often condemn Russia for protecting known hitmen and I’m sure there would be absolute outrage in this country if a person killed hundreds of our citizens, fled to Iran and was then protected by the state.  Yes, you can argue that once returned we would not torture and we would not executed. However, with regard to the latter these are our standards that are not universally excepted.

Human rights are crucial and come from one of the worst moments in our history on this planet – Hitler and the Nazi’s.  We must not forget the circumstances that brought in these laws, however, must not allow the continual reinterpretation between different generations of judges and lawyers to decimate credibility in what is about protecting the innocent – not harbouring the guilty.

LBC goes national

Image(there is a graffic with ladies on it too but couldn’t find it at the point of posting)

Today, LBC went from being merely 97.3 (London frequency) to being on our national dial – for those who tune in to digital anyway.  By the looks of things, LBC owner Global radio, whom don’t shy away from ambition (as can be seen by the name they give themselves) – have spent a fair amount of money on this launch – getting new presenters lined up…even having a big photo shoot to make their website and publications that little bit more glossy.

LBC's presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer
LBC’s presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer

Getting on a national dial isn’t the same as getting into the national consciousness,  but unlike so many other music based commercial radio stations – LBC really does seem to care about the content they broadcast and also don’t mind forking out a pretty penny for presenters/journalists as well (I don’t see any former children’s TV presenters or singers whose hits now mainly involve the ground – stumbling out a taxi after attending another envelope opening) [think the Birds of a Feather lot].

It’s good that we have another station that deals with speech based current affairs, as when Talk Radio – turned into Talksport, like the fans of West Ham, I felt deflated and beaten.  So, I really do hope that LBC are not only able to hold their own against the big boys – both BBC radio 4 and mostly BBC radio 5, but also hold a national conversation – NOT on their own.