My chat with Giles Brandreth

Gyles's show is called "In Search Of Happiness
Gyles’s show is called “In Search Of Happiness”

I’ve always been a fan of Mr Brandreth.  Well, ok, in the 1990s I thought of him as a bit of a buffoon – but then, didn’t everyone? However, he has redeem himself in spades through his brilliant novels and wonderful contributions to Just A Minute.

So, I was very happy when he agreed to chat with me – even it it was for 15 minutes.  If you like Gyles, just know that he is performing up and down the country on his one man show “In Search for Happiness” – and I can only imagine it is nothing short of fabulous…just like Gyles.

On Saturday Breakfast on 15th February I will be giving away a pair of tickets to his show taking place the same evening.  Listen to to win.

Saturday Breakfast with Jason McCrossan

Saturday Breakfast with Jason McCrossan 29 June 2013 by Compton Pauncefoot on Mixcloud

Broadcast on 106.9SFM in Sittingbourne, Kent in the UK. It also broadcasts across the UK and the world on On the show today Jason talks to Bill Fowler about the Medway Armed forces day taking place in Gillingham: Tranquil Time; Name That Tune; Strange But True; Pick of the Number One Pops.

Life…on the side.

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