LBC goes national

Image(there is a graffic with ladies on it too but couldn’t find it at the point of posting)

Today, LBC went from being merely 97.3 (London frequency) to being on our national dial – for those who tune in to digital anyway.  By the looks of things, LBC owner Global radio, whom don’t shy away from ambition (as can be seen by the name they give themselves) – have spent a fair amount of money on this launch – getting new presenters lined up…even having a big photo shoot to make their website and publications that little bit more glossy.

LBC's presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer
LBC’s presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer

Getting on a national dial isn’t the same as getting into the national consciousness,  but unlike so many other music based commercial radio stations – LBC really does seem to care about the content they broadcast and also don’t mind forking out a pretty penny for presenters/journalists as well (I don’t see any former children’s TV presenters or singers whose hits now mainly involve the ground – stumbling out a taxi after attending another envelope opening) [think the Birds of a Feather lot].

It’s good that we have another station that deals with speech based current affairs, as when Talk Radio – turned into Talksport, like the fans of West Ham, I felt deflated and beaten.  So, I really do hope that LBC are not only able to hold their own against the big boys – both BBC radio 4 and mostly BBC radio 5, but also hold a national conversation – NOT on their own.



Useful Tips of Life

There is a twitter account @WeirdLifeTips which tweets useful and interesting tips on making your general life better. Well, ok. I need all the help I can get with most things. I have a low attention span that leads me to start something else before I’ve fin



Customer Service suprise


I had to update information on my insurance today and was struck by how the female customer service adviser dealt with each segment of information I divulged – in a surprised/impressed tone.

She sounded surprised when I gave her my post code. Impressed when I gave her my phone number.  Grateful that I’d spoken to her when we parted.  To go through life being surprised and impressed by the minutia of postcodes and addresses can’t be bad….until a pet dies.  I hope her pet doesn’t die.


The pains of a new beginning


Ok, so I’m new to word press.

In fact, this is only the 3rd post I’ve done since i created this account…maybe a year ago.

Not sure I’m won over by the posting posibilities on offer here – especially as I can’t seem to embed my podcast links!! Kinda the whole point.

Time will tell.

My chat with Giles Brandreth

Gyles's show is called "In Search Of Happiness
Gyles’s show is called “In Search Of Happiness”

I’ve always been a fan of Mr Brandreth.  Well, ok, in the 1990s I thought of him as a bit of a buffoon – but then, didn’t everyone? However, he has redeem himself in spades through his brilliant novels and wonderful contributions to Just A Minute.

So, I was very happy when he agreed to chat with me – even it it was for 15 minutes.  If you like Gyles, just know that he is performing up and down the country on his one man show “In Search for Happiness” – and I can only imagine it is nothing short of fabulous…just like Gyles.

On Saturday Breakfast on 15th February I will be giving away a pair of tickets to his show taking place the same evening.  Listen to to win.

Saturday Breakfast with Jason McCrossan

Saturday Breakfast with Jason McCrossan 29 June 2013 by Compton Pauncefoot on Mixcloud

Broadcast on 106.9SFM in Sittingbourne, Kent in the UK. It also broadcasts across the UK and the world on On the show today Jason talks to Bill Fowler about the Medway Armed forces day taking place in Gillingham: Tranquil Time; Name That Tune; Strange But True; Pick of the Number One Pops.

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