Chestnut and Butter Bean Wellington

Festive Flavours – The Vegetarian Society Christmas Recipe Collection


Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy great food – whether you are treating yourself or sharing with friends, family or neighbours. Add a sprinkling of inspiration to your Christmas kitchen with eight delicious dishes from the Festive Flavours collection.

Set the scene with a pea and spinach soup, Christmas galette or a zingy fruit and nut salad with chilli and lime. Then fill your plates with an indulgent cheesy lattice pie, a classic nut roast or a chestnut and butter bean Wellington. There’s even a smooth, rich Christmas gravy to make in advance.

Each week on the run up to Christmas I will be releasing two favourite festive recipes, starting tomorrow, for vegetarians like myself or for those who want to try something different – all from the Vegetarian Society Christmas Recipe Collection.

I will trying some, if not all these recipes myself and posting picutres of the results on this page.  I encourage you to send in your pictures as well.

Lynne Elliot, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society, said: “We have created a host of brand new recipes for you this year. To make sure everyone can join in and try something tasty, these recipes cater for both vegetarians and vegans. Some are gluten-free and there’s also a delicious dessert that is vegan and raw. You’re sure to find something you’ll love.”