POEM Katherine Mansfield – Camomile Tea

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Katherine Mansfield has been described as courageous, contradictory, self-willed, single-minded, argumentative, elusive, in both her life and her work, and always defied the attempts of posterity to pin down the qualities that fascinated her contemporaries.

Bertrand Russell admired her brain and would have liked to seduce her; Virginia Woolf said she ‘stank like a civet cat that has taken to street walking’ but admitted that she loved her ‘I suppose in my own way’, and that Katherine was the only writer whose writing she was jealous of.

Could Oscar Pistorius Defence team – be in trouble?

A retired South African Judge has claimed that the repercussions of a newly leaked video showing the athlete re-enacting the events of the night he killed his girlfriend are “enormous” and could lead to Pistorious’s Defence team, including Barry Roux being stripped of their right to practice law.

Former Zimbabwean High Court Judge and Acting South African High Court Judge Chris N Greenland made the comments whilst speaking to me on 106.9 SFM saying “if the defence team…acting for Oscar, knew the true position and then lead this evidence to the contrary, the implications and repercussions of that are enormous and could actually lead to disbarment”.

Also worrying for the defence team, Judge Greenland said that the video could also lead to the prosecution of Professor Wayne Derman – who finished giving evidence on Monday.   Derman, a professor of sports medicine, had worked with the athlete for many years and claimed in Court that Mr. Pistorious had limited mobility whilst on his stumps and that his disability had left him feeling vulnerable.

However, the leaked video counters Mr Derman’s claims of Oscar’s mobility and vulnerablity and it’s implications were “very serious”.


West End Live 2014 scene from Trafalgar Square
West End Live 2014 scene from Trafalgar Square

Thousands of people gathered together in Trafalgar Square at the end of June to enjoy West End Live – a free event that showcases the very best that London’s West End has to offer.

There were performances from 25 West End shows including an appearance from The Royal Opera House Chorus, conducted by Pla-ci-do Domingo; the English National Opera and an exclusive of Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games. A huge highlight of the weekend – saw old favourites take to the stage once more including Avenue Q, Chicago and Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical – all presented by Oliver Tompsett.

Monday Matters sent our roving reporter – Bonnie Britain along to cover the event which celebrated it’s 10th year – of showcasing, for free – the best of the West End.

Part 1 – Saturday highlights

Part 2 – Sunday highlights

The Cheaters Charter


I hate to bash Europe and it’s Court.  I’m not one of those who bemoan the fact that they try to make our banana’s straight or rename our sausages as “emulsified high-fat offal tube”.

I should say – none of the examples above are true – they are just “euromyths” as set out in this BBC article.

However, one thing which has really concerned me lately is that the European court has backed the “right to be forgotten” and said Google must delete “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant” data from its results when a member of the public requests it.

So far, most of the requests to delete data are from bankrupts, criminals and those with unsavoury things to hide.  How apt that this ruling should come from Europe – where their definition of privacy – varies greatly from what we in Britain regard as “private”.

You just need to look at France – where the actress linked to French President Francois Hollande, Julie Gayet, is suing the magazine that published photos of their alleged affair; as reported in many outlets including the BBC website.  She is suing for breach of privacy – even though the facts are true.

And then today, I read an article from the BBC’s economics editor Robert Peston about a blog he wrote in 2007 which has been deleted by google because “in my blog, only one individual is named. He is Stan O’Neal, the former boss of the investment bank Merrill Lynch.

My column describes how O’Neal was forced out of Merrill after the investment bank suffered colossal losses on reckless investments it had made.”

You can read the full article here.

The original blog featuring Stan O’Neal is here.

This is just a charter for those who have skeletons in their closet – to not only close the door- but lock away the evidence and throw away the key.  Hardly a modern democracy!