Could Oscar Pistorius Defence team – be in trouble?

A retired South African Judge has claimed that the repercussions of a newly leaked video showing the athlete re-enacting the events of the night he killed his girlfriend are “enormous” and could lead to Pistorious’s Defence team, including Barry Roux being stripped of their right to practice law.

Former Zimbabwean High Court Judge and Acting South African High Court Judge Chris N Greenland made the comments whilst speaking to me on 106.9 SFM saying “if the defence team…acting for Oscar, knew the true position and then lead this evidence to the contrary, the implications and repercussions of that are enormous and could actually lead to disbarment”.

Also worrying for the defence team, Judge Greenland said that the video could also lead to the prosecution of Professor Wayne Derman – who finished giving evidence on Monday.   Derman, a professor of sports medicine, had worked with the athlete for many years and claimed in Court that Mr. Pistorious had limited mobility whilst on his stumps and that his disability had left him feeling vulnerable.

However, the leaked video counters Mr Derman’s claims of Oscar’s mobility and vulnerablity and it’s implications were “very serious”.

One thought on “Could Oscar Pistorius Defence team – be in trouble?”

  1. i so enjoyed this interview with the judge..he seems like a wonderful, wise man. What a wealth of wisdom he must have from all his years of experience. Very valuable insights re the trial going on with oscar he has offered. i am listening to this about a week after it was aired. The re-enactment video was not brought to the attention of the court so does that mean the video will never be used as part of the evidence. thank you


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