A limerick, a day

St Patricks Day was on the 17th this week and desperate for inspiration as to how to make the show – more St Patricksy – I read out a couple of, what I thought, were funny Irish limericks.  On my Saturday breakfast show tomorrow I’m going to try and see if any of our listeners can come up with any…though I appreciate it’s a dangerous move and many may be deemed inadmissible!! Still, should give us a laugh…

My friend Richard Carling was listening to my Monday Matters show and was kind enough to loan me this book.  I am going to attempt to write some myself – but as with most things…the first 2 lines will be funny and then I’ll be stuck as to how to finish it…and it won’t get finished!

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue limerick collection
I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue limerick collection

Here is just one of the wee nuggets.

Sister Sledge mooning on a ledge
Sister Sledge mooning on a ledge

Marc Bolan reads “A Ship Of Rhythm”

In 1969, Marc Bolan published his first and only book of poetry entitled ‘The Warlock of Love’. Every Saturday on Jason’s breakfast show at 07:50 am – it’s tranquil time – a time for poetry on the radio. Let the stresses and strains of the day…wash away!

“Cut BBC Local Radio” says Noel Edmonds

Noel Edmonds
Noel be nimble, Noel be quick; watch him swim & then the oil slick!

I’m not sure what is going on in the private life of Noel Edmonds at the moment.  At the age of 65 – he’s gone past the ‘mid-life crisis’ point – or at least, let’s hope so! Maybe his contract is up soon at Channel 4 and he is just trying to prove to the boffins at C4 – he is still bankable and can create waves?

First he demands to be able to buy the BBC as a commercial enterprise and before he’d managed to take another breath he’d went on to say that if he did get his fake tanned hands on auntie – he’d cull BBC local radio.

I wonder if he was all alone one evening in bed – struggling to get to sleep and weighing up what the world would look like if he was in charge?  If he had his nibble finger on the button of control! Suddenly…an idea….


IF I RAN THE BBC….(dot dot dot)

I can’t claim to be an expert on BBC local radio as I very rarely listen – but then, I don’t suppose Noel does either.  What I do know is that BBC local radio is cheap and provides a service that commercial radio doesn’t want to compete in.

The nearest thing to this would be Community Radio – that is unshackled from the need for speeding through 15 songs an hour – with a DJ occasionally telling the listener about their ‘crazy night’!

As independent commercial radio seems to be homogenising  into one or two branded blobs – culling a service that is geared to get the community on the air – is not the way to go. In fact, more BBC resources should be put into local output – and not more managers – more presenters – getting out in the community.

So, I say No to Noel.  It seems like there is more than one Banker on Deal or No Deal!